My projects for this week

Things have quieted down here at home. My daughter finished up her week at home in a whirl wind. We went to a knit shop last Thursday night for Open Knitting and she had found a pattern on Ravelry that she loved  for a Slouch Star Cable Beret so we needed yarn. She found a grey and also a coral Malabrigo and they are pretty. So Friday She started knitting the grey one and by Saturday night she finished the grey one and asked me to start the coral one. Actually I just taught her how to do a knitted cast on (I KNOW – I should have taught her long tail) since she was using an E cast on which was not right for a beginning of any project. So she just loved that hat and claims that is all she is every going to knit in every color of Malabrigo. Where does she get this obsession from? LOL. I finished my purse except for the lining and will bring it tonight. I did get all 480 stitches casted on for my daughters grey sweater but did not like the idea of having 2 sweaters on needles so I have gone back to my teal sweater and trying to work on that only. I want to finish one sweater before I do another.  So I am staying busy. I will try and get some pictures up here soon.



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