It's been so long!


It has been so long since I have written but I have been busy knitting. I had finally finished the teal sweater and now I have my daughter’ grey cable sweater weighing on my mind. But I have been busy knitting other things such as a market bag, a shawl as a gift and I knitted a crab for my husband since he loves the show ‘Deadliest Catch’. It is really cute! I am now working on an Entrelac Scarf for me out of Noro Kochoran and it is sure beautiful. Then I am going back to the grey sweater and then I plan to do my first Intarsia project. So my needles are always clicking!

And I have also been doing other crafts. I have been doing paper crafts such as cards and also a perpetual calendar that I plan to make as gifts. And I also made a baby quilt for a knitting friend who is having her first baby. So I have been busy doing other things. Just not blogging. I promise to try and get some photos up here.

And it was a great summer at the shore! We had to adjust our schedules this year since with Jim’s job he works every Saturday but we still got good time and it was as beautiful as ever. I am still a beach bum and just this past  Tuesday (09/15/09) I did my two most favorite things on the beach – knit and read! I am crazy! Thank you God for all my great beach time!


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