Thank God for my knitting!

My First Miter Heel sock

My First Miter Heel sock

There are just some days I don’t understand. Yesterday I felt wonderful and had a great day and now today I am down. Maybe it’s the grey and cold weather or my problem tooth or my bad stomach that kept me up all night but it’s just so  different from yesterday where I seemed on top of the world. I am grateful for my knitting since it seems to give me purpose and when I finish something new I feel really good.  Like these socks – this is my first pair where I did a mitered heel and one of the socks I actually knitted toe up.  They were fun and the colors reminded me of a beach with the blues and creams. I sure have knit a lot of socks. I figured this is the 8th pair for me, I have knitted about 4 for my daughter , one each for my husband and Dad and 5 pairs- one each for each of my nephews. Wow -that is 20 pairs of socks. And I already have another pair OTN and I am planning another pair for my husband (shh don’t tell him they might be a gift). I guess I want to be the queen of socks. LOL .

(I guess this blogging is a good thing for me since I feel better already)


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