My Teal Sweater

The first sweater for me.

The first sweater for me.

This is a picture of the infamous teal sweater that I made for myself. I had never taken a picture of it because I was not real happy with it. The workmanship is excellent (if I do say so) but the fit is just not right. I think it started with me making a size that was too big for me. Then the whole thing is too long. The sleeves were horribly too long so I pulled them out from the bottom up. That is a tricky task  in and of its self  but I think they turned out OK  and at least they are now not rolled up 10 times. And not sure if you can see it here but the pockets are so low I can’t get my hands in them with out tucking down. LOL Oh Lordy! But it’s done and here is it’s official photo. 

PS – You can see my buddy Toni knitting in the background. This photo was taken at Atlantic Bread where our Wednesday night knitting group meets.


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