Sheep show #2


Here I am working on the big sock

We really had fun at the show since there was so much to do and so much to look at. We definitely had a case of sensory overload. But I got to work on a loom and Sara and I knitted on the Big Sock. Some company had this huge sock set up on a table and it was about 6 feet in diameter. And you just walked up to one of the sets of needles there and started knitting on it. It was sort of restful to be knitting among all that craziness there. And they had a whole building full of food and we each got something different in there. We saw lots of sheep and llamas and alpacas and also some Angora rabbits. The rabbits were for sale but, no I did not buy one. I didn’t even buy a live sheep (which I had threatened to do before we left). I did get some little sheep for my collections and  they are really cute.  So it was a great day and we did and saw a lot  but it was also very exhausting. I will post some more photos tomorrow.

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