Wow! How my life has changed!


It’s been only 2 months since I started this new named blog and my life sure has changed. I got the offer with my job to move to North Carolina. Then the most wonderful man I know – my  Dad – went to heaven. He surely deserved to stop suffering but it has rattled this whole family to the foundation. Then I finally listed my Jersey house for sale and it sold in 4 days! Then we go to NC and even though my favorite house from on-line sold I found another one and in 2 days we bought that house! So I guess we are moving to NC but it seems my kids are staying behind. Katie will stay in NJ for at least the summer since she found a great internship with Honest Tea. And it sounds like Steven maybe staying up in NJ with his girl friend Katie. I know kids are supposed to move out and start their own lives but I guess I really was not ready to lose both at the same time. And all the new functions that my job are demanding are really not what I want to do. So the new house is beautiful but all the other things are making this move very scary for me.  And leaving all the wonderful friends I have here in NJ is breaking my heart! God please stay by me and make me strong for all of this! Please!  But here is a picture of my new ‘green’ house.


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