I am knitting some


I really have been knitting some but nothing really interested me till this week. I did have the second blue wave sock on needles and I do pick that up from time to time. And I also have the green baby sweater I am knitting for a new co-worker but I am at the parts I don’t like to do – sewing together and picking up stitches. But this week I got more inspired with my knitting. My dear friend and a Master Knitter Mary re-did the math on a sweater vest I was admiring. So when I went to meet the knit girls this Wednesday I bought some blue  Cascade to try to make this vest and I casted it on while I was with the girls. While at the Blue Purl I also bought some Ty-Dy pink sock yarn (I don’t really need any more sock yarn) . And yesterday I got a note from Maura who owns the Blue Purl and she had a great free pattern for a scarf/shawl made from sock yarn! So now last night I casted that on. So now I have 4 things on needles which is really against my rules. So I have promised Mary that I  will finish the baby sweater (I have to make two) while she spends the next week cruising the roads from Maine back to New Jersey looking for knit shops. I wish I was on that trip with her.  Oh well I hope she has a great time and I can finish something while she is gone.


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