Mary I did it!!


One of my new co-workers is having twin boys in a few months and I wanted to knit something for her. So I picked out this cute little baby sweater. I will knit two of the same (and then maybe something cuter after they are born) so I started the first one a few weeks ago.  As is typical with me I knitted it up in no time BUT then came the finishing such as sewing seams and knitting button holes and picking up stitches for an edging. I hate all those little steps so I always look for something else to knit. Well, Mary gave me a stern talking to about getting this little sweater done so I challenged myself that while Mary is away and exploring the knit shops along the coast of the north-east, I would finish the first baby sweater.  I DID IT! So here is a picture of sweater #1 and now I will go knit a shawl before I do the second. Thanks Mary for pushing me.


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