Here’s my card for the new babies!

Baby Card

My sister Lauren has given birth to two beautiful babies named Cole and Cailin. I am busy knitting sweaters and will post that picture when they are done but in the mean time I made the card today and it came out really cute. I am finding it very fun to find an idea on Split Coast (that’s where this one came from) and then tweaking it for what I need like 2 babies but also finding something to use when I  don’t have what they have.  I did not have the one big star stamp they used but found I had a little SU stamp that was  a cluster of stars and it looks good.  I am really enjoying these cards and hanging in my craft room. My SU friend friend Donna in NJ has agreed to make me kits for her classes and stamp camps and mail them to me. I have one of each so far that it was so exciting when it arrived.  I feel like a little part of NJ is coming to me through these kits and my Skyping with my knitting friends.  I will survive!


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