My Manly Cards!

A Manly Card!

I really needed some cards for the guys I like to send them to so I used an idea from a card I had made a while ago after a class with Shari back in NJ. This is a great set with 3 different cars.  And I had just read about adding some hardware to a card so Jimmy got me some nuts and bolts from his tool box.  THen I added some string that I put some brown ink of since I did not want it plan white and tied the bolt on there. JJ helped me with the coloring of the car and I put some shine of the bumpers. It really came out cool and I am getting smarter and this time I made 4. In side 2 I put Happy Dad’s Day and in the other 2 I put Happy Birthday so now I have 2 spare cards to give away. I am so loving making my cards! I am using ideas from other’s but using my own papers and colors and embellishments and it is really making me think and design my own. Maybe God brought me to NC so I could finally expand and explore this ares of my crafting. I am sure loving it!


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