My Summer Card!

Summer Card

I decided to make a Happy Summer card and I am mailing some out but unfortunately they will not make it to their homes by the first day of summer but that is ok. Lets hope no one who I am mailing them to is watching my blog or they will get a sneak peek at the card. It has lots of fancy things like cork for the sand and also I punched a sea shell border in some sand paper to add another layer of sand. Then I punched waves in two shades of blue to make the water. I popped the sun and one cloud and for a change the card is 5×5 and not the usual rectangle. It is really cute and I hope every one likes it. Next I am making some note pad covers for Katie to give as gifts when she leaves her job.  I found the directions for one I made in a class in NJ so this should be easy. But will Katie like it? That will be the question.  Hopefully I will have some pictures of those by next weekend. Look for a knitting post tomorrow!  Have a good week!


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