I have started my Aran Sweater!

My Alice Starmore Sweater

My best knitting friends and I all decided that we wanted to knit an Alice Starmore Aran sweater so last week we all casted on. Mary and I are knitting the St. Brigid but Toni is knitting the Na Craga which is the Aran name for the limestone rockscape. They are both beautiful sweaters! Mine is of course blue and I am making it out of Cascade 220 which kept it affordable till I am sure it fits. If it does then maybe I will make a second one in real Irish yarn. But for now I am ion my second  repeat of the pattern and it’s amazing (to me) how at first the pattern seems very confusing but the more times you knit it the more you can do without looking at the pattern.  Of course Toni and Mary are rows in front of me but that is OK. I will just keep knitting and sharing the fun with the girls. They both are faster knitters than I am and they have more times. I am also making cards so my time is more limited. But so far it’s fun and knowing the girls are doing the same makes it more fun.  We will keep knitting and sharing the experience! Let’s see how far I get this week! Talk to you next weekend!


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