Katie’s Note Pads

Katie’s Note Pads

Not sure if I mentioned this but my daughter Katie came up with this idea that she wants to give note pads to some of the bosses at her internship when she leaves in August so they will remember her.  I used a Christmas pad I made at a class in NJ and here are my 2 versions. The left one would be for a man and the one on the right would be for the ladies. We could replace the ‘Just a Note” on the ladies with a monogram or just an initial. That will be Katie’s choice but I think they look really nice. I have now packed up all the materials so Katie and I can make them when she and I meet up in NJ in less than 2 weeks. Oh Lord I can not wait till  we get there. I planned to only pack my knitting but it will be fun to take some paper crafts and make all these pads for her while I am there. I really can’t wait to be back home! The problem will be coming back down here!


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