My First 4 Donna Cards! But my knitting is getting in the way!


First 4 Donna Cards

My Friend Donna from NJ send me her April Stamp Camp projects and I have been slowly make them. The problem is I keep getting side tracked by other cards and I have not finished all of these. And I still have 4 more to make and a card set with a bag and she just did another Stamp Camp yesterday! Will I ever catch up? Who knows but I sure have fun making them.  Of these 4 the ice cream cone is my favorite and I think it will be a great card to send to kids and with all the nieces and nephews that Jim and I have I can surely use a lot of these cards. And I figured out two ways to do the inside. My opens up at the side of the cone but Donna attached a light piece of paper with the words on it attached to the ice cream and you would slide it out the top. That is much cuter than my way! So I will try that for my next card.  But these are really cute and I love getting the Stamp Camp package so I really hope Donna keeps doing them. THANKS DONNA!

Another reason I am not getting all the cards done is I am busy trying to keep up with the knitting of my Aran sweater with Mary and Toni who are also knitting sweaters. We are having a knit-a-long and it is fun but I surely can not keep but with those two speed knitters. I have already posted a picture of the sweater and no  need for you to see any more of it yet. I will post a picture next week.

I hope we all have a great week and I just try to get through each and every day without going crazy and hopefully without getting another minor health issue. I truly have nothing to complain about but if I get one more rash, bug bite or a sinus headache I will just quit! But I just have to survive 2 more weeks and then I can go home to NJ! I can not wait!!!!


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