My Summer Vacation #3 – My Knitting


You know , of course , that I took my knitting with me on vacation. I did finish the back of my Alice Starmore sweater and here is a picture of it. I think it looks great and I did cast on the front of it but I did get distracted. That is so like me! LOL I went to one knit shop with Toni and we sure had fun there. I got wool to knit two baby sweaters for people I work with for gifts. I also got some wool there to make myself a shawl. Then the next week I went to a different knit shop with Toni ( I am starting to see a pattern between Toni, Knit shops and my spending money) and there I got wool to make a drop stitch shawl that Toni made and was really beautiful. Mine of course is blue. And I also found a pattern for a top down sweater that looks like it will fit me! I am really excited about this one!  This time I stepped out of my comfort zone and bought some lavender Cascade for making that.   So while on vacation I bought yarn for 2 gifts, 2 shawls and one sweater for me. But that was all I bought on vacation so not really too bad! So while on vacation I finished the body of the baby girl sweater (I have to add the sleeves) and started the baby boy sweater. Then I will go back and finish my Alice Starmore sweater.But most importantly I have a wonderful time just being with Toni. I have only known her about 5 or 6 years but I feel like we are the best of friends and always will be. We share so much more than just knitting and I can tell her any thing and some times she just listens and does not give advise. I am truly blessed to be able to call Toni one of my best friends! Thank you Lord!

The Back of my Alice Starmore Sweater


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