Made Thank You Cards this week!


Thank you notes for Katie

It was a very long and very frustrating week for me. It all had to do with coming back from vacation (which I did not want to do) but by Friday I was doing better. Then on Friday night I got a call from Katie requesting me to make her some thank you cards. I had made the black one for her before but she needed 5 more of those and wanted two other for men. I used the same format as the black ones but changed the colors and such so I hope Katie likes them. What I fear is these are instead of all the note pads I made for her on vacation. She really needs to make up her mind. But I love her and miss her and should see her 2 weeks from today. That will be great.

This will be the only post this week since I have been very busy knitting on the 2 baby sweaters but I haven’t finished either one of them yet. Maybe later today I will finish the girl’s sweater so maybe I will post that later this week. They are coming out nice and when they are done I am going back to my Aran sweater. I hate it when I get distracted so easily. But I am knitting every day and it really helps to keep me sane some times. It also gives me peace in my life which I really am not happy with these days. And the worst thing is I can’t tell any one since almost every says you have such a beautiful house – how could you not be happy. I guess the rest of the world one needs a pretty house to be happy but I need other things like my dear friends and being close to a beach. Some day I will be living in the right place for me. But I am hanging in and keep posting every week so that is good for me.  Have a great week is any one is reading this!


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