Baby Sweaters!


I did not write last week because I had no new craft news to report. I have just been working on knitting sweaters. But this week I finished these 2 baby sweaters. They are made from Crofters DK yarn and it is so soft and pretty. The pink one is a gift for a co-worker of ours and the blue and beige was also to be a gift but I sold it! Yes, I sold something I knitted! So I will make a new blue one and that will be a gift for another co-worker. They are fun to make and easy since they are knitted from the top down.  While I was in NJ I got a pattern to make myself a top down cardigan and I bought some Cascade 220 in lavender to make it from and I can not wait. But first I will finish my blue Aran sweater and the second baby boy sweater. I have not done any card work recently but I am so grateful for my crafts. I would not survive my life these days if it was not for all my crafts. I am missing so many things from my life these days and thankfully my crafts fill all those empty spaces. I am glad no one reads this blog so I know I can write what ever I want. And I know that no one understands how having this big and beautiful house does not make up for the friends that I to see at any time and they would give me a hug when I need them. The world just thinks having a pretty house and no snow should make me happy. I guess I am not like the rest of the world. But I am hanging in thanks to these cute and pretty sweaters! Thank you Lord for my crafts!


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