Craft News!


I am still knitting every day but ever since I finished all the pieces of my Alice Starmore sweater every thing I knit seems so boring. LOL This is the back of my Alice on vacation at the beach in NJ. LOL I have finished all the parts and they are now in the capable hands of that famous seamstress Toni in NJ waiting to be sewn together. I can’t wait to see it all finished and ready to wear. Since then I have knitted a drop stitch shawl which is done (I guess I need to take a photo to post here) and now I am working on a cable scarf that Katie started for her self but did not get very far. It’s not real exciting but I am wanting to finish it so I can give it to her when we meet up for Thanksgiving. So I am still knitting every day but not feeling very challenged with the knitting. I am also trying to make more cards but I have nothing too new to show with that. Maybe by the end of this weekend. But I am still crafting which is keeping me sane! I hope if any one reads this that you have a craft that speaks to your heart and gives you purpose and satisfaction every day of your life. I know I would surely not survive these days without my crafts! Thank you Lord for them!


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