Wow 4 months since I last wrote! Silly me!


I can not believe that back in January I wrote such a positive post and now today I am feeling so down. It has been a real roller coaster since then but I am sure that is part of life. I did good with my food for two months then had an attack of my diverticulitis and to combat that I went back to all that white and pasty food so I would not be nauseous from the meds.  That slid me right back in to the bad food. And then around that same time at work I started working on another account. So then I went from not having enough work to drowning in too much work.  Oh Lord I slip so easily!

But the good news is I have been making cards like crazy! I will add some pictures when I have more time. But they are coming out really nice and some I have even designed all by myself. So I am so happy when I can work on the cards. I dream of some day selling cards and teaching others how to make their own cards. So all is not horrible in my life. Just right now there is not a balance and I need to fight to get the balance back.

So I will keep reading that January post over and over and work really hard in bringing my life back into balance and with the good Lord’s help I will be able to any thing I want! And I will keep making cards!!!!


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