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Wordless Wednesday


My Home In Ocean Gate


What fun I had with Pam and Jen!


When we were in Ocean Gate in September I spent good times with my sister Pam and her daughter Jen. Jen is so much fun and makes me laugh so hard! On our last night there it was starting to feel chilly so Jim started up the fire pit and we roasted marshmallows and had so much laughs and fun. I really love Pam and Jen and feel in the last few years we have gotten so much closer (even with me moving away). I know they think of moving away some day but I sure hope they are still there when we move back to NJ . Thanks Pam and Jen for giving me such fun and laughs on my vacation!

Where my heart lives!


It has been 2 months since I have written and I guess I just get too busy and don’t make the time. I know that is wrong but no one is following this but me so it really does not matter. In September we went back to Ocean Gate NJ and this time Jim, Louie and I had a wonderful time.  It reinforced in me that I belong in NJ so close to the bay and the ocean. I need that water close to me every day. But we had a wonderful time and I got to see my friends and my sister Pam and my niece Jen and Jim’s family also came to visit us. And I did lots of knitting and cards too. It really was a wonderful trip. And now all I do is spend every day counting till I get to go back. Next trip will be Thanksgiving!

My Summer Vacation!


I remember having to write about summer vacation when I was back in school and I bet every single one of them I wrote about the beach. I have been going to the ocean since I was a little baby and I have loved it more than any thing! I still do today and even though most people don’t understand this I believe I belong at the beach! Some beach some where but I feel lately that beach is in Ocean Gate where I belong.  But our vacation there was great except for poor Jim got sick and still does not feel right. But for me it was going home!  I love the sounds of the little waves on our beach and the gulls screaming and I love the smell of the salt air. It was very hot and humid while we were there and we were very grateful for our A/C. The best part of the vacation was I got to spend a lot of time with my friends and family. Two of my best friends I got to see three times and that was wonderful!  I did lots of my crafts (see future posts about those) and it was I think one of the best vacations I have ever had!

Ocean Gate!

My Baby Sweater


Baby Sweater for Carlo's new daughter

In Ocean Gate there is a guy named Carlo who makes the best pizza’s at Linda’s. When he told me his wife was having their first baby I had to knit them a baby gift. So I picked this brightly colored yarn and knitted her this cute little buttoned up hooded sweater. We went to Ocean Gate yesterday to deliver the sweater. There we learned that baby Heaven was born a week ago and mom Jennifer and baby are doing good. Jim and I also shared a pizza sitting by the beach and looking at the frozen bay. WOW it sure is cold here in NJ. But it was great  to be by the water and now I can  believe that spring and summer will come some day. Maybe not soon but some day.

A good quote about the month of March!

The Frozen Bay in January 2009

The Frozen Bay in January 2009


I just finished reading the book A Vineyard Killing by Philip R. Craig and there was a paragraph in one of the chapters that expressed exactly how I feel about the month of March. I know it’s not Match now but winter is coming and the beach bum in me is already thinking of spring. Here is the quote and I changed the character’s name to mine.

“March is Cindy’s least favorite month, because it holds the promise of spring but rarely delivers. The worst of winter is past but the sea and it’s winds are still bone chilling, and the trees are still bare ruined choirs. You can walk the beaches, but you usually have to wear your woolies and down jacket when you do, and there are no bluefish and keeper bass to be caught. Cindy was tired of being cold, and ready for the warm weather that wouldn’t quite come.”

Maybe in NJ this speaks more of February than March but it surely is the way I feel in the spring.