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Craft News!


I am still knitting every day but ever since I finished all the pieces of my Alice Starmore sweater every thing I knit seems so boring. LOL This is the back of my Alice on vacation at the beach in NJ. LOL I have finished all the parts and they are now in the capable hands of that famous seamstress Toni in NJ waiting to be sewn together. I can’t wait to see it all finished and ready to wear. Since then I have knitted a drop stitch shawl which is done (I guess I need to take a photo to post here) and now I am working on a cable scarf that Katie started for her self but did not get very far. It’s not real exciting but I am wanting to finish it so I can give it to her when we meet up for Thanksgiving. So I am still knitting every day but not feeling very challenged with the knitting. I am also trying to make more cards but I have nothing too new to show with that. Maybe by the end of this weekend. But I am still crafting which is keeping me sane! I hope if any one reads this that you have a craft that speaks to your heart and gives you purpose and satisfaction every day of your life. I know I would surely not survive these days without my crafts! Thank you Lord for them!


Baby Sweaters!


I did not write last week because I had no new craft news to report. I have just been working on knitting sweaters. But this week I finished these 2 baby sweaters. They are made from Crofters DK yarn and it is so soft and pretty. The pink one is a gift for a co-worker of ours and the blue and beige was also to be a gift but I sold it! Yes, I sold something I knitted! So I will make a new blue one and that will be a gift for another co-worker. They are fun to make and easy since they are knitted from the top down.  While I was in NJ I got a pattern to make myself a top down cardigan and I bought some Cascade 220 in lavender to make it from and I can not wait. But first I will finish my blue Aran sweater and the second baby boy sweater. I have not done any card work recently but I am so grateful for my crafts. I would not survive my life these days if it was not for all my crafts. I am missing so many things from my life these days and thankfully my crafts fill all those empty spaces. I am glad no one reads this blog so I know I can write what ever I want. And I know that no one understands how having this big and beautiful house does not make up for the friends that I to see at any time and they would give me a hug when I need them. The world just thinks having a pretty house and no snow should make me happy. I guess I am not like the rest of the world. But I am hanging in thanks to these cute and pretty sweaters! Thank you Lord for my crafts!

My Summer Vacation #3 – My Knitting


You know , of course , that I took my knitting with me on vacation. I did finish the back of my Alice Starmore sweater and here is a picture of it. I think it looks great and I did cast on the front of it but I did get distracted. That is so like me! LOL I went to one knit shop with Toni and we sure had fun there. I got wool to knit two baby sweaters for people I work with for gifts. I also got some wool there to make myself a shawl. Then the next week I went to a different knit shop with Toni ( I am starting to see a pattern between Toni, Knit shops and my spending money) and there I got wool to make a drop stitch shawl that Toni made and was really beautiful. Mine of course is blue. And I also found a pattern for a top down sweater that looks like it will fit me! I am really excited about this one!  This time I stepped out of my comfort zone and bought some lavender Cascade for making that.   So while on vacation I bought yarn for 2 gifts, 2 shawls and one sweater for me. But that was all I bought on vacation so not really too bad! So while on vacation I finished the body of the baby girl sweater (I have to add the sleeves) and started the baby boy sweater. Then I will go back and finish my Alice Starmore sweater.But most importantly I have a wonderful time just being with Toni. I have only known her about 5 or 6 years but I feel like we are the best of friends and always will be. We share so much more than just knitting and I can tell her any thing and some times she just listens and does not give advise. I am truly blessed to be able to call Toni one of my best friends! Thank you Lord!

The Back of my Alice Starmore Sweater

I finished some socks!

Wave Socks

I am really trying hard to finish some knitting projects before I start another so these socks were next on the list. They have a wavy pattern and the yarn is blues and beige so they are real pretty. Not sure when I will ever wear them since it’s so hot here in NC but they are pretty.  Now I am starting the Alice Starmore St. Brigid sweater along with Toni and Mary who are also knitting an Alice sweater at the same time. We all started last weekend and I was good but I am already struggling on row 5.  That is very frustrating and I don’t want to give up so I will have to keep struggling.  So I may post some pictures of the sweater if I can make any good progress on it. What have I gotten myself in to! LOL

The Finished Baby Sweaters

The Twins Sweaters

I finally finished  the baby sweaters and I must say I think they are really cute. It was not the exact pattern I started with but I think they are really cute and they have the same stripes that the original pattern have. These are for my sister Lauren’s two new twins –  Cailin and Cole. They were just 3 weeks old and Katie has been helping put and says they are both so cute. I hope Lauren loves the sweaters even though they will not fit the babies till probably the fall. But they will be warm.  They are made from Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino silk yarn which is really soft and pretty. But they are done and for now I am going back to finish up a pair of socks and then I plan to start an Alice Starmore sweater along with Toni and Mary who are also going to do it at the same time. A Knit-Along! Now that sounds fun! We will keep those needles going!

Here’s a Blanket I knitted!


I know I have not posted in a long time but I am back now and I am going to try to post more often. It will do me good to put my feelings out here. This is a blanket I finished back in March but never got around to taking the pictures and posting it here. I love this since it has the colors of the sand, sky and water. It really is pretty and looks nice on our old couch. I am trying to stay busy either knitting or making cards. I am doing more work on cards and I am liking that. But I still love my knitting and hanging with my knitting friends back in NJ. We Skype every Tuesday together and it means so much to me to see them and hear their voices. I can’t find enough to knit but I love being with them.  I miss them as much as I miss the beach!

Another Baby Project!


Wow 3 posts in one day and I haven’t done it in 5 months. I guess my new positive attitude is helping me get my act together. This is the latest project I finished. Another c0-worker (last name Apple) and his wife are having their first baby and they know it is a girl. I went looking to see if I could make it with some thing I had and I found this great sweater in the One Skein Sock Yarn Wonder book. So I already had this cute pink and purple yarn and I love it. I was fairly easy and only took me about 3 weeks to make. I have way too many things on needles (10- ouch) projects so I am trying to work through them all and get them done. So 1 down and too many to go. LOL  I hope to report back soon with the next finished project.