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Pictures of my knitting or the beach

Wordless Wednesday!


Priceless Cailin!


My missing friends have come home!


In the process of unpacking of what I hope is the end of all the craft boxes  I found these 3 little buddies. I purchased them at the Down Cellar in one of my last visits there. They are all so cute and remind me of my Tuesday knit group. I have so many great knitting friends and the Ladies of the Tuesday group – Toni, Mary, Lynn and Ann are exceptional good knitters. We would meet on two Tuesday’s a month and usually plot some extreme projects for one of us to knit (usually not me-LOL). They were fun nights with lots of dreams and plans for some future project . So these three are especially dear to me and I am glad they have come with me here. I need some good friends.

My new Entrelac Scarf! I Love it!

My Ebtrlac Scarf in the sand!

My Entrelac Scarf in the sand!

I always like to try and learn something new so I found this Entrelac scarf pattern and with the Noro yarn it is just so beautiful. Every one says it looked like the ocean with the colors so I figured what better place to take the picture than in the sand. It was not done when I took this picture but I have finished it and I love it! And last night it was chilly here in NJ so after knitting when we were having our parking lot executive committee meeting I needed it (since I did not wear a coat). It sure felt good!

My very first knitted Sweater!

My first ever knitted sweater!

My first ever knitted sweater!

I knitted this sweater about 5 years ago but never sewed the seams. I get this great little magazine called Guideposts and in there they have a program where they will collect hand knitted or crochet sweaters for children all over the world. I love the idea of helping some child so I thought I would knit my first sweater for charity. Well I did finish the knitting of it but never sewed it together. Well I found this little sweater last week and I have finally sewed the seams together. It really is cute and you can’t see it but it has flakes of other primary colors in the yarn. So now I will just block it and send it out. It is not perfect but I really think it will keep some one warm. If you want more info on this wonderful project go to and they even have very simple sweater patterns there. I am glad I have finished this.

My Sheep

Here's 2 of my sheep I made
Here’s 2 of my sheep I made

I have been wanting to collect sheep since the fall but I am having a hard time finding any out there. But then I came upon the Fiber Trends pattern and I was off and knitting!  I made one big white one (pictured), one medium darker grey one that I gave a way and 2 little light grey ones. One is shown here with the big white one. I think this little pair will be my new baby gift for any new babies.  I love them!

But now it’s back to my Teal sweater and then my daughter’s grey cable sweater.