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Captions for the pictures below


The first one is the water line inside our front door, the second is our bedroom rug that used to be beige and the water damage on the bed skirt, the third is the water line which was above an outlet, for the 4th look in the lower left corner and you will see water pouring out of the dresser drawer that had clothes in it, and the last is a picture of all the ruined stuff left at the curb for pickup. It is very sad to me but I know we are blessed that we all have our lives and can rebuild and buy all new stuff and some day we will be back at the Jersey Shore that I love.

Wow 4 months since I last wrote! Silly me!


I can not believe that back in January I wrote such a positive post and now today I am feeling so down. It has been a real roller coaster since then but I am sure that is part of life. I did good with my food for two months then had an attack of my diverticulitis and to combat that I went back to all that white and pasty food so I would not be nauseous from the meds.  That slid me right back in to the bad food. And then around that same time at work I started working on another account. So then I went from not having enough work to drowning in too much work.  Oh Lord I slip so easily!

But the good news is I have been making cards like crazy! I will add some pictures when I have more time. But they are coming out really nice and some I have even designed all by myself. So I am so happy when I can work on the cards. I dream of some day selling cards and teaching others how to make their own cards. So all is not horrible in my life. Just right now there is not a balance and I need to fight to get the balance back.

So I will keep reading that January post over and over and work really hard in bringing my life back into balance and with the good Lord’s help I will be able to any thing I want! And I will keep making cards!!!!

2012 – First post for a new Year with a Better Attitude


I have been struggling to come up with a creative way to make the 2012 but had no luck. I guess that is something I need to learn this year. LOL

No photo to start this year so that I can start it with a clean slate. Does not mean I have given up my dream to move back to Jersey some day but I know that will not happen this year so I will focus on becoming a better person this year and then I will be great when I get back. I am going to try to focus on the 4 parts of a life that my Dad always talked about – my spirit (my crafts), my body, my mind and my faith. It really is time to believe that there is  high power that has a plan for me and that higher power is guiding my life. If I just ask him for guidance he will help me complete what ever I want to do. This is the year of ME! And I am going to work hard at it. I read so many blogs of women working on their crafts and helping their families and taking care of their bodies every day and some of them have so much more to deal with than I do. So if they can do it with all of that I can surely do it with my few little issues.

So Dear God please guide me on the path you have planned for me and help me to have a healthy and strong mind, body, spirit and faith! I promise to be positive every day, work hard to keep my food clean and to exercise my body every chance I can, to work on my crafts to use my own mind to create things and to treat all the people I meet in my life with kindness. So please guide me Lord to be the best person you think I am!

I am OK!


Ocean Gate on Thanksgiving Morning 2011

I know I haven’t been around in a few months but I have been fine. I think since last I wrote I have been back to NJ twice and I loved being there. We went for Thanksgiving and it was so wonderful to see all my family and friends. I did get a head cold but I just kept moving and did not miss one visit. I had a great time and the weather was wonderful. Here is the picture I took on Thanksgiving morning. And watch for the cutest picture tomorrow or Wordless Wednesday. I promise to write again soon.