Wordless Wednesday!


Priceless Cailin!


I am OK!


Ocean Gate on Thanksgiving Morning 2011

I know I haven’t been around in a few months but I have been fine. I think since last I wrote I have been back to NJ twice and I loved being there. We went for Thanksgiving and it was so wonderful to see all my family and friends. I did get a head cold but I just kept moving and did not miss one visit. I had a great time and the weather was wonderful. Here is the picture I took on Thanksgiving morning. And watch for the cutest picture tomorrow or Wordless Wednesday. I promise to write again soon.

What fun I had with Pam and Jen!


When we were in Ocean Gate in September I spent good times with my sister Pam and her daughter Jen. Jen is so much fun and makes me laugh so hard! On our last night there it was starting to feel chilly so Jim started up the fire pit and we roasted marshmallows and had so much laughs and fun. I really love Pam and Jen and feel in the last few years we have gotten so much closer (even with me moving away). I know they think of moving away some day but I sure hope they are still there when we move back to NJ . Thanks Pam and Jen for giving me such fun and laughs on my vacation!

Craft News!


I am still knitting every day but ever since I finished all the pieces of my Alice Starmore sweater every thing I knit seems so boring. LOL This is the back of my Alice on vacation at the beach in NJ. LOL I have finished all the parts and they are now in the capable hands of that famous seamstress Toni in NJ waiting to be sewn together. I can’t wait to see it all finished and ready to wear. Since then I have knitted a drop stitch shawl which is done (I guess I need to take a photo to post here) and now I am working on a cable scarf that Katie started for her self but did not get very far. It’s not real exciting but I am wanting to finish it so I can give it to her when we meet up for Thanksgiving. So I am still knitting every day but not feeling very challenged with the knitting. I am also trying to make more cards but I have nothing too new to show with that. Maybe by the end of this weekend. But I am still crafting which is keeping me sane! I hope if any one reads this that you have a craft that speaks to your heart and gives you purpose and satisfaction every day of your life. I know I would surely not survive these days without my crafts! Thank you Lord for them!

Where my heart lives!


It has been 2 months since I have written and I guess I just get too busy and don’t make the time. I know that is wrong but no one is following this but me so it really does not matter. In September we went back to Ocean Gate NJ and this time Jim, Louie and I had a wonderful time.  It reinforced in me that I belong in NJ so close to the bay and the ocean. I need that water close to me every day. But we had a wonderful time and I got to see my friends and my sister Pam and my niece Jen and Jim’s family also came to visit us. And I did lots of knitting and cards too. It really was a wonderful trip. And now all I do is spend every day counting till I get to go back. Next trip will be Thanksgiving!

Baby Sweaters!


I did not write last week because I had no new craft news to report. I have just been working on knitting sweaters. But this week I finished these 2 baby sweaters. They are made from Crofters DK yarn and it is so soft and pretty. The pink one is a gift for a co-worker of ours and the blue and beige was also to be a gift but I sold it! Yes, I sold something I knitted! So I will make a new blue one and that will be a gift for another co-worker. They are fun to make and easy since they are knitted from the top down.  While I was in NJ I got a pattern to make myself a top down cardigan and I bought some Cascade 220 in lavender to make it from and I can not wait. But first I will finish my blue Aran sweater and the second baby boy sweater. I have not done any card work recently but I am so grateful for my crafts. I would not survive my life these days if it was not for all my crafts. I am missing so many things from my life these days and thankfully my crafts fill all those empty spaces. I am glad no one reads this blog so I know I can write what ever I want. And I know that no one understands how having this big and beautiful house does not make up for the friends that I to see at any time and they would give me a hug when I need them. The world just thinks having a pretty house and no snow should make me happy. I guess I am not like the rest of the world. But I am hanging in thanks to these cute and pretty sweaters! Thank you Lord for my crafts!

Made Thank You Cards this week!


Thank you notes for Katie

It was a very long and very frustrating week for me. It all had to do with coming back from vacation (which I did not want to do) but by Friday I was doing better. Then on Friday night I got a call from Katie requesting me to make her some thank you cards. I had made the black one for her before but she needed 5 more of those and wanted two other for men. I used the same format as the black ones but changed the colors and such so I hope Katie likes them. What I fear is these are instead of all the note pads I made for her on vacation. She really needs to make up her mind. But I love her and miss her and should see her 2 weeks from today. That will be great.

This will be the only post this week since I have been very busy knitting on the 2 baby sweaters but I haven’t finished either one of them yet. Maybe later today I will finish the girl’s sweater so maybe I will post that later this week. They are coming out nice and when they are done I am going back to my Aran sweater. I hate it when I get distracted so easily. But I am knitting every day and it really helps to keep me sane some times. It also gives me peace in my life which I really am not happy with these days. And the worst thing is I can’t tell any one since almost every says you have such a beautiful house – how could you not be happy. I guess the rest of the world one needs a pretty house to be happy but I need other things like my dear friends and being close to a beach. Some day I will be living in the right place for me. But I am hanging in and keep posting every week so that is good for me.  Have a great week is any one is reading this!